Outside the Walls

In this pixelated view of the world outside,
I see beyond these walls,
Green grass, blue sky
And trees as far as I can see;
A lone butterfly flutters by in solitary delight
The trees wave lazily to the tunes of the invisible piper,
The greens sway to his melody –
A puff here, a puff there
And stillness in between.

The grass seems to me,
To be the sole expression of the invisible piper,
Capturing his every whiff,
Dancing to each whimsy;
I just imagine: perhaps you are born just to do that.

Dancing all day, to the gentle breeze
Under the glorious sun,
Proffering a seat to the busy bee
Or moral support to the huge tree.
Just saying – I, a mighty Human, imagine you lack brains.

With never a will of your own
And naught thought for the morrow,
Tall today, soil tomorrow,
Procreation and progeny in between.
Just saying – I, a mighty Human, consider myself superior.

If you could see, you would see
behind these alien walls,
– yes right behind hideous pixelated squares –
You would find a little boy
looking at you; writing,
Writing about you, in fact.

If you only knew,
– Of course you don’t,
just in case you do –
How I wish I was across these social walls,
And have my own place in the sun
Have my own free run,
with the piper whistling in my ears,
Pirouette with the b’flies, hopping from
flower to flower;
Mindless of the day and the hour.

How I wish I could lie, among you;
Smelling the fresh earth and hear the bee behind my ears
My hair swaying to the wind’s soft mutterings
In step and in harmony.
To lie face up at the blue, blue sky
And watch winged angels fly; and chirp
In such sweet tones – I ken not what;
To scamper like a dog
At the erratic rabbit,
In perfect joy and ideal foolishness.

But no.
I am not you.
And you are not I.
Mine is to learn, to work and to live
Thine is to thrive and die.
I cannot be you,
And you cannot be me.
I would rather sing for the moment
Than learn music first.

No, I will not be cruel:
I will not Wish You Were Here;
A child but I am, and for years to come
I will always wish I was There.

Created: 2020-03-01 Sun 22:52