one from forgetting,
and one from being forgotten.
one from waiting
and one from silent surrender.
a silence bereaving
and a silence for when that’s done.
a weary one, for when the road has ambled on long enough
and your teeth hurt; and you no longer care.

a silence when we finally speak: the dissolution of all the past;
a prologue for the dialogue that puts all to nothing.
the different shades of loneliness
and the vibrant greys of loss.

grieving, and yearning in small doses
the knowledge of warmth,
and the awareness of its absence.
words that were spoken yesterday
that ought to be uttered today,
but are not.

an empty swing, swinging or not.
a 404, where something ought to be.

this casual asymmetry,
in not knowing what the other person feels.

a casual asymmetry.
or what keeps you warm, on a winter’s day.

Created: 2020-03-01 Sun 22:56