δνσπρὁσιτος + prosaic
almost, but not quite, entirely unlike, ⊥

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subreddit description users activity
typography typography 158370 high
identifythisfont font identification 65876 very high
uraniumglass uranium glass 1358 medium
lightbulbs light bulbs 154 medium
SavageGarden carnivorous plants 94612 very high
Archiveteam rogue archivists 5614 medium


subreddit description users activity
AskElectonics EE help/ component identification 77036 very high
nixie nixie clocks 949 very low
Z80 Z80 chip! 334 low
signalidentification identifying radio signals 3549 medium
oscilloscope scopes!! 461 low
RTLSDR RTLSDR 64198 very high
goneweld welding! 8936 very low
lasers lasers 4131 high
LaserCleaningPorn laser cleaning 66000 medium
nicechips nice chips/components 6266 low
PrintedCircuitBoard PCB design 15798 high
mos_6502 MOS 6502 chips! 74 very low
toolporn interesting tools 32793 high
Skookum absolute tools 85164 very high
SC62masterrace Zebralight SC62 flashlights … 157 very low
18650masterrace 18650 lithium-ion cells … 5511 high
headphonemods headphone DIY modifications 3026 high
diyelectronics DIY electronics 33976 high
diypedals DIY guitar pedals 30907 very high
DIYGear DIY music gear 10185 low


subreddit description users activity
lectures video lectures 76466 medium
unknownvideos undiscovered videos 62618 very high
InterdimensionalCable surreal videos 104874 very high
oldbritishtelly old British telly 4591 very high
SlowTV longform ambient videos 12413 high
ObscureMedia obscure videos 148044 high
interview videos of interviews 15891 very low
FredDibnahisawesome Fred Dibnah (steeplejack) 2 very low
notthethickofit The Thick Of It IRL (UK) 5092 high


subreddit description users activity
SMBCComics SMBC comics 6686 high
nsobolewart NSobolew's 3D lowpoly art 256 medium
Flogoria art by Ugly_Ink! 2305 medium
Polandballart polandball art 20923 high
Heavymind "heavy" art 124541 high
Ravenhall imaginary castle/dungeon interiors 36 low
BattlePaintings paintings of battles 22293 high
isometric isometric art! 26529 high
wimmelbilder intricately detailed "find X" images!! 138361 high
Dorbol Dorbol! … 1257 high
GeometryIsNeat trippy geometry 39473 high
MacroPorn hi-res pics of tiny things 118901 high
MacroLab3D 3D imaging of tiny things 12657 very low
Miniworlds miniature worlds 217677 high
dewdrops dewdrops 803 low
nocontextpics pics without context/backstories 373179 very high
FoundPaper pieces of paper found randomly! 103423 high
WWTT Where Was This Taken 1693 low
whereisthis locate a pic 35753 high
PictureGame explain the pic (game) 41592 very high
WaitingForATrain pics while waiting for trains! 10436 high
waitingforaplane pics while waiting for planes! 614 low
WaitingForAShip pics waiting for ships! 132 low

quintessential reddit

subreddit description users activity
BenignExistence mundane stories 22871 high
StrangeSubReddits strange subreddits … 1741 low
thepast it's the past now (79CE) … 16811 high
AVoid5 'a' 'i' 'o' 'u' 36784 very high
Howwastoday how was your day 16187 high
HaveWeMeta meta: r/HaveWeMet 3292 high
RandomActsofCards receive a random card from a stranger 51304 very high
HaveWeMet life/gossip in a fictional town 104851 very high
subsithoughtifellfor subs you did not know existed 74391 high
statement … statements 1495 medium
HobbyDrama scandals in obscure hobbies/fanbases 94035 high
TheBathroomMazeDream bathrooms in dreams … 1146 medium
ScenesFromAHat improvised absurdity (?) 72674 very high
45thworldproblems uhh 11522 low
PointlessStories pointless stories 50003 high
lifeofnorman the life of terribly unimportant Norman 70683 high


subreddit description users activity
bestofsoundcloud best of SoundCloud 3143 medium
SoundsLikeMusic unintentional music 119431 high
nightbusmusic music inspired by Burial's Night Bus 752 low
Lorn Lorn (music) 871 low
Discography discographies 2211 very low
postrock post-rock 48951 high
obscuremusic obscure music 5167 medium
vintageobscura vintage, obscure music! 51289 high
listentocurated curated music 2247 very low
Fermata mapping musics to contexts 858 very low
MFPMPPJWFA good music, French aesthetic 39895 high
MGPMPPJWFA good music, German aesthetic 5753 medium
MRPMPPJWFA good music, Russian aesthetic 955 low
MFiPMPPJWFA good music, Finnish aesthetic 966 low
SoundsLikeBOC Boards of Canada inspired 762 medium
Protomen Protomen (music) 3712 low
AudioSquirt Albums of the Day 170 high


subreddit description users activity
vintagecomputing old computer stuff! 15436 high
vintagenetworking oldschool networking 207 low
retrobattlestations vintage desktops/laptops! 44616 high
lispmachine Lisp machines! 519 very low
asm assembly 8741 medium
bash bash scripting 38638 high
lisp Lisp 26696 high
prolog prolog 3539 medium
Common_Lisp Common Lisp 3982 medium
Cprog C programming language 3859 low
learnlisp Lisp learning 1590 medium
esolangs esoteric programming languages 620 low
sbcl SBCL Common Lisp Compiler 291 low
Inkscape Inkscape 6868 high
gopher gopher protocol 281 low
i3wm i3 window manager 27194 high
emacs emacs 37924 high
Soulseek soulseek 4321 medium
Syncthing syncthing 1845 medium
qutebrowser qutebrowser 1519 high
orgmode org mode! 7740 high
irssi irssi IRC client 109 very low
planetemacs emacs news 658 high
oilshell oilshell (shell) 299 medium
kernel Linux kernel stuff 10731 low
linuxdev linux development 4661 medium
systems systems development 6038 very low
osdev OS development 9944 medium
lowlevel low level programming 10175 medium
LispMachines Lisp-based bare metal OSes 48 very low
linux_mentor Linux sysadmin mentoring 5216 medium
ReverseEngineering reverse engineering (code related) 92512 high
BarbarianProgramming The Mu Project: a hobbyist computing stack! 67 high
PLC programmable logic controllers 17795 high
vrd vulnerability research and development 8796 very low
voidlinux Void Linux 3489 high
Gentoo Gentoo! 10395 high
ISO6801 ISO6801 date format … 7500 low
irc IRC 7947 medium
selfhosted selfhosting alternatives 69359 very high
opendirectories open directories on the web with content 137586 high
HomeServer running a homeserver 49664 high
homelab servers at home 260210 very high
onions TOR 172299 high


subreddit description users activity
TrueLit literature + discussion 5682 high
literature literature + discussion 1116197 very high
nyrbclassics NYRB Classics! 500 low
verse snippets of verse OC 4478 low
truebooks book discussion 4042 very low
DonDeLillo Don DeLillo (author) 342 low
Canonade literary discussion in specific 8026 low
WriterPortraits portraits of authors 36 very low
JosephMcElRoy Joseph McElroy (author) 110 very low
WrinklyOldStoryteller short stories 208 very low
rarebooks rare books 6956 high
BookInASitting books that can be read in a sitting 3973 low
literaturevideos literature videos 1399 very low
poetry poetry + discussion (OC) 612307 very high
Heavybooks heavy/psychedelic books 1463 very low
ProsePorn snippets of great prose 9306 low
bookshelf bookshelves 58295 high
MeaningofLiff crafting/requesting new words 155 very low
linguistics linguistics 191362 very high
whatsthword find a word for something 67232 high
etymology etymology 123238 high
etymologymaps etymological maps 22154 medium
DoesNotTranslate words/phrases that do not easily translate 17262 medium
FalseFriends false cognates/puns etc 3116 low
Lexitecture a podcast about words 215 low
logophilia interesting words 37498 medium
neology creating/looking for words 2187 low
crosswords cryptic crosswords 3968 high
crossword crosswords (American/NYT style) 4790 high
latin Lingua Latina 36869 high
AncientGreek Ancient Greek language 7695 high
Quenya Quenya 3295 medium
conlangs conlangs! 44110 very high


subreddit description users activity
Bonsai bonsai 138293 high
treeseatingthings trees eating things … 2228 medium
ASecretGarden hidden gardens 3243 low
OrchidsOnTrees orchids growing on trees 1115 medium
treesonbuildings trees on buildings! 113 very low
microgreens growing microgreens 6409 high
reclaimedbynature nature reclaiming things 39278 high
BotanicalPorn plant pics 66880 high
Epiphytes epiphytes (plants) 791 medium
bromeliad bromeliads (a strange plant) 3606 medium
watchplantsgrow time lapses of plants growing! 67663 high
whatsthisplant plant identification 233492 very high
terrariums terraria! 68578 very high
AccidentalGreenhouses accidental terraria! 7592 low
Mosses mosses! 5585 high
airplants airplants (tillandsia) 15953 very high
Ornithology ornithology 15185 high
animalid animal identification 8296 high
AIDKE weird fauna (Animals I Didn't Know Existed) 7163 medium
species species identification 8863 high
whatsthisbird bird identification 55197 very high
birding birdwatching 39097 medium
PicsOfUnusualBirds pics of unusual birds 10752 high
DivorcedBirds birds that look divorced … 111520 very high


subreddit description users activity
oldmaps old maps! 21384 high
geoguessr Geoguessr game 6663 high
Surveying land surveying 7402 high
maps maps! 36467 high
polandball polandball! 530301 very high
papertowns pictorial maps/cityscapes!! 96201 high
MapIt locate historic events 972 very low
Passports passports! 107 very low
papercraft paper models/craft 16562 high
heraldry heraldry, coats of arms, standards! 36076 high
vexillology flags! 323862 very high
somnivexillology flags from dreams! 21255 high
micronations micronations! 2605 high
geography geography 63127 high
mapmaking making maps!! 61132 very high
GoogleMaps gmaps exploration 25400 very high
Planetball polandball with planets! 14685 low
wonderdraft Wonderdraft fantasy making tool 35313 very high
SkyPorn sky pics 117984 very high
rockhounds cool rocks 55770 high
Volcanology volcanoes! 2908 medium
Prospecting prospecting gold … 4416 medium
paleoclimate study of climate in the past 761 very low
stormfront severe storm portal 5427 very low
stormchasing stormchasers!! 7041 medium
whatsthisrock rock/mineral identification 56663 very high
geomorphology landforms and their changes 547 low
UrbanHell urban ugliness 292005 very high
woodstoving wood stoves! 3664 high
castles castles 102713 high
cabins cabins 13254 medium
OffGridCabins off grid cabins 27225 medium
Cargotechture homes/structures with shipping containers 4110 medium
DesirePath manmade, amateur paths! 203342 very high
Lampposts Lamp posts! 10665 high
crazystairs interesting staircases 27647 high
secretcompartments hidden compartments! 107087 medium

games/flight sims

subreddit description users activity
il2sturmovik IL-2 flight combat sims 6030 high
flightsim PC flight simulation 75333 high
ARG Alternate Reality Games 47056 high
hoggit combat flight simulation 39563 very high
nethack nethack! 7032 high
MUD Multi User Dungeons 9128 high
dwarffortress Dwarf Fortress! 99141 high
IntoTheBreach Into the Breach (game) 14184 high
zork Zork! 538 low
roguelikes roguelikes! 47579 high
angband ANGBAND!!! 437 low
interactivefiction text adventures! 5719 medium
cataclysmdda Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (game) 19075 very high
ftlgame FTL!! 52319 very high


subreddit description users activity
dioramas scale models and set pieces 10870 high
TerrainBuilding tabletop terrains 57781 very high
modeltrains model trains! 31594 high
TheBindery book repair/restoration 1063 low
ModelCars model cars 7891 high
modelmakers models of cars/planes/tanks etc … 157675 very high
scalemodelling building models of all sorts of things 1421 medium
Scalemodel scale models 3902 medium
72scale 1:72 scale models 1477 medium
clockpunk clockwork-punk 644 very low
coins numismatics 51327 high
Exonumia coin-like non-coins 2084 high
philately stamps 3644 high
lacing laces/knots! 338 very low
soapmaking soapmaking 28328 high
metaldetecting metal detecting hobby 46082 high
wildwhittlers wood whittling! 6608 medium
printmaking lino/woodcuts/etching 23417 high
bookbinding book binding! 19061 high
BookbindingResource book binding resources 1574 low
BeginnerWoodworking beginner woodworking 34410 high
ArtisanVideos videos of skilled artisans 1482210 high


subreddit description users activity
samwisetheb0ld ship disaster analyses! 1069 medium
Nautical nautical stuffs 4701 low
QueenElizabethClass Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers 498 medium
maritime maritime science/news 2955 high
drydockporn pics of ships in drydocks!!! 32732 high
submarines submarines 26860 high
Warships warships 5272 medium
marinetechnology marine technology 230 very low
vessels ship/boat pics 1736 low
WarshipPorn warship pics! 108603 very high
MaritimeArt art featuring ships/ocean etc 70 low
AbandonedShips abandoned ships! 138 low
tuglife tug boats! 4055 high
Shipbuilding shipbuilding 157 medium
boatbuilding boat building! 11263 high
propellerporn propellers! 1707 low


subreddit description users activity
metafilter metafilter 690 low
AcademicPhilosophy academic philosophy 34158 low
indepthstories in depth journalism 34153 high
scientific science papers + discussion 3350 low
hardscience scholarly papers/reviews/letters 18606 low
Photoessay photographic journalism 10801 low
Foodforthought interesting articles 320368 high
TheAgora socratic discussions 8874 very low
AskScience Science Q&A 18668567 very high
Scholar requesting scholarly articles 69708 high
LaymanJournals journal articles readable by laymen 4793 very low
AskCentralAsia Central Asia Q&A 3877 high
DepthHub in-depth articles/discussions 342957 medium
EconomicHistory economic history 5714 medium
TheGrittyPast sobering historic accounts 31276 high
IRstudies international relations 15076 high
CredibleDefense defense discussion 26172 medium
ludology study of games 16628 low
foreignpolicyanalysis foreign policy analysis 7152 high
GEB GEB 4724 low
gwern gwern's links 2934 high
Psephology elections 162 very low
AskHistorians History Q&A! 1084156 very high
AskLiteraryStudies Literary Q&A 22581 high
theoryofpropaganda scholarship on propaganda 3651 low
dredmorbius a personal sub (gwernlike?) 973 very low
AskSocialScience social science Q&A 90282 high
PhilosophyofMath philosophy of math 9466 low
AskScienceDiscussion science Q&A 72889 high
twosourcenews well-sourced news 1040 very low
HistoryofIdeas history of ideas 37219 medium
explorables explorable visualizations online 3199 medium
TrueFilm cinema discussion 218830 very high


subreddit description users activity
amateursatellites tracking artificial satellites 1773 high
AdmiralCloudberg aircraft disaster analyses!! 9905 high
HistoricalAircraft historical aircraft 502 medium
cockpits airplane cockpits 9330 medium
aviationpics aviation pics 15740 high
aviationmaintenance aviation maintenance! 26020 very high
windtunnels windtunnels! 117 low
WWIIplanes WW II planes 19674 high
rocketry amateur rocketry + discussion 24623 high
seaplanes seaplanes! 480 very low
AerialPorn aerial photography 24103 high
homebuilt homebuilt experimental aircraft!!! 5660 medium
AviationHistory aviation history 4223 medium
Helicopters Helicopters 32941 high
namethatplane airplane identification 684 medium
engineteststands rocket engine test stands 6164 low


subreddit description users activity
TrainPorn train pics 23192 high
trains trains 41051 high
traindriversview train cockpits! 319 low
steamporn steam locomotives/machinery 5902 medium
WeirdWheels weird automobiles 87913 high
cranes cranes and heavy lifters 2581 medium


subreddit description users activity
VintageToys vintage toys 833 very low
OldNews news from ages ago 35870 high
vintageads vintage advertisements 59107 high
retrotechads retro tech advertisements 148 low
OldSchoolRidiculous ridiculous vintage stuff 19039 medium
VintageMenus vintage menus 17151 high
PropagandaPosters historical propaganda posters 338995 high
ColdWarPosters Cold War posters 5491 low
museum museum artifacts/pieces 52376 high
ArtefactPorn ancient artefacts 950290 very high
VintageSciFi vintage science fiction 1178 low
Arrowheads arrowheads / artifacts 4545 high


subreddit description users activity
obscureguitars obscure guitars 5146 medium
typewriters typewriters! 11293 high
vendingmachines vending machines!! 1464 very low
calculators calculators 1894 high
VintageRadios vintage radios! 1206 high
vintagetech vintage electronics 374 low
Vintagetools vintage tools 8068 medium


LibraryofBabel Library of Babel 4271 high
wikipedia Wikipedia, and interesting pages on it 340349 very high
wikipediaafdwatch Wikipedia articles on deletion watch 135 very high
WikiInAction the demise of wikipedia 6231 medium
tombstoning inset-headline mismatch/hilarity in print 166859 medium
nuscp SCP links 1908 high
SCPDeclassified SCP explained 41684 high
TraceAnObject assist Europol investigations against child abuse 45464 medium
nosurf internet deaddiction 96982 high


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