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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Alvin and I am a software engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I specialize in embedded Linux and IEEE 802.11 wireless integration in both kernel and userspace. Since 2020 I have been working at Bang & Olufsen.

Previous positions:

Before that I was a mathematics student at the University of Copenhagen, graduating in August 2015.

email: alvin@pqrs.dk


I have over 15 years of professional and personal experience in developing embedded software for Linux-based platforms and embedded ARM systems in C and C++. Much of my recent work has focused on the integration of wireless Linux drivers and network management software.

My professional approach is to develop clean and maintainable software. I like to make use of existing free software to reduce proprietary code bloat, and part of that involves upstreaming feature improvements and bugfixes to the relevant projects. I try to write self-documenting code and to maintain a clean development history of the projects I work on. I avoid cutting corners and invest time in understanding the nature of the problems I face.

Here are some of the things I work with and can offer sound technical expertise in:

Algebraic geometry

I wrote my Master's thesis—The Nash problem—between February and July 2015, in which I studied the theory of arc spaces and the so-called Nash problem on singular varieties. I successfully defended on the 28th of August 2015, which involved some brief presentation slides.

Deep inference

During the summer of 2012 I worked on a research project at the University of Bath Department of Computer Science in the area of proof theory. It was under the supervision of Anupam Das and Alessio Guglielmi. I wrote some software as part of it, and also a paper discussing the results and method.

In December 2012 I delivered a presentation (printable version) discussing the project and its findings to the Mathematical foundations of computation group at Bath.


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